Tickets available under the following Links

Oct, 15th 2014 LINCOLN (UK) Lincoln Theatre Royal Ticketlink
Oct, 16th 2014 HALIFAX (UK) Victoria Theatre Ticketlink
Oct, 17th 2014 RHYL (UK) Pavilion Theatre Ticketlink
Oct, 18th 2014 MALVERN (UK) Malvern Theatre Ticketlink
Oct, 19th 2014 CHESTERFIELD (UK) Pomegranate Theatre Ticketlink
Oct, 20th 2014 LOWESTOFT (UK) Marina Theatre Ticketlink
Oct, 21st 2014 EASTBOURNE (UK) Congress Theatre Ticketlink
Jan, 28th 2015 LEIPZIG (GERMANY) Theaterfabrik Ticketlink
Jan, 29th 2015 BERLIN (GERMANY) Philharmonie Ticketlink
Jan, 30th 2015 CHEMNITZ (GERMANY) Stadthalle Ticketlink
Jan, 31st 2015 BAD ELSTER (GERMANY) König- Albert- Theater Ticketlink
Feb, 1st 2015 FÜRTH (GERMANY) Comödie Fürth Ticketlink
Feb, 4th 2015 BAD BEVENSEN (GERMANY) Dreikönigskirche Ticketlink
Feb, 5th 2015 KIEL (GERMANY) Kieler Schloss Ticketlink
Feb, 6th 2015 OSNABRÜCK (GERMANY) Lagerhalle Ticketlink
Feb, 7 th 2015 NIEDERNHAUSEN (GERMANY) Rhein – Main Theater Ticketlink
Feb, 8 th 2015 BURGENLENENFELD (GERMANY) VAZ/Pfarrheim Ticketlink
Feb, 11th 2015 MÜNSTER (GERMANY) Aula am Aasee Ticketlink
Feb, 13th 2015 LÜBECK (GERMANY) Kollosseum Ticketlink
Feb, 14th 2015 WAHLSTEDT (GERMANY) Stadthalle Ticketlink
Feb, 15th 2015 HUSUM (GERMANY) Nordsee Congress Centrum Ticketlink
Feb, 20th 2015 DELRAY BEACH, Florida (USA) The Crest Theatre Ticketlink
Feb, 21th 2015 DELRAY BEACH, Florida (USA) The Crest Theatre Ticketlink
Feb, 22th 2015 DELRAY BEACH, Florida (USA) The Crest Theatre Ticketlink
Feb, 28th 2015 BADEN BADEN (DEUTSCHLAND) Kurhaus Ticketlink
Mar, 1st 2015 MAINZ (GERMANY) Frankfurter Hof Ticketlink
Mar, 3st 2015 MUTTERSTADT (GERMANY) Palatinum Ticketlink
Mar, 4th 2015 HAMBURG (GERMANY) Laiszhalle Ticketlink
Mar, 5th 2015 HANNOVER (GERMANY) Pavillon Ticketlink
Mar, 6th 2015 ISERLOHN (GERMANY) Parktheater Ticketlink
Mar, 7th 2015 NEU ISENBURG (GERMANY) Hugenottenhalle Ticketlink
Mar, 8th 2015 DARMSTADT (GERMANY) Staatstheater Ticketlink
Mar, 12th 2015 AUGSBURG (GERMANY) Parktheater Ticketlink
Mar, 13th 2015 STUTTGART (GERMANY) Liederhalle Ticketlink
Mar, 15th 2015 DÜSSELDORF (GERMANY) Savoy Theater Ticketlink
Mar, 20th 2015 WIEN (AUSTRIA) Konzerthaus Ticketlink
Mar, 25th 2015 BREMEN (GERMANY) Fritz Veranstaltungszentrum Ticketlink
Mar, 26th 2015 OLDENBURG (GERMANY) Kulturetage Ticketlink
Mar, 27th 2015 KORBACH (GERMANY) Stadthalle Ticketlink
Mar, 28th 2015 ANDERNACH (GERMANY) Stadthalle Ticketlink
Mar, 29th 2015 MANNHEIM (GERMANY) Rosengarten Ticketlink

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