THE NEW PROGRAMM for 2014: “Mini means Maxi!”

Watch out!   -The British are coming! – Perfect fun!  – Perfect music!  - Best British comedy!

Hawaiian garlands dangle airily from the microphone stands. Behind them is an eight-piece orchestra. The men are wearing suits with bow ties; the women black evening dresses. Each has a ukulele on their lap.
A comic sight which conveys a message: whoever thinks this plucked string instrument from Hawaii is boring is about to be taught to think again by the United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra (TUKUO for short).
This unusual orchestra from Britain wows the public with its quirky show. In the repertoire are contrasting pieces from classical to rock, from oldies to current hits and even from long-forgotten treasures to those pieces one prefers to forget. All put together with very British humour and some surprising interjections.
Sometimes the band pull faces, sometimes people groove along and sometimes it’s the record which gets stuck in a groove. Then one of the orchestra stands up, kicks the stage and puts everything back to rights.
The ladies and gentlemen, who come from all around Britain, know how to make a perfect blend of music and show. Only they could achieve the seamless shift from “Heidi, the mountains are your world” to the Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations”, as is stated in the Allgemeine Zeitung of Giessen.

After several successful European tours the musicians of Peter Moss’s United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra will be returning in the spring of 2014 with their characteristic plucked-and-sung sound which drives concert audiences wild. They are bringing a typical British comedy show and the unbelievable sound of a miniature instrument: the famous ukulele, originally from Hawaii.

‘Not to be missed!’ pronounces SWR Television; ‘The Ukulele Rocks’, writes the Stuttgarter Zeitung in headlines; The Mannheimer Morgen speaks of a ‘brilliant performance of musical cabaret’, the Allgemeiner Zeitung of a ‘magic moment of musical and comic art’ and for the Heilbronner Stimme it is simply ‘huge fun’.

The musicians, whether they come from London, Edinburgh, Nottingham or Glasgow, know how to inspire audiences wherever they are. They are coming back with a completely new programme and many new comic ideas to show that anything is permissible if one has mastered the ukulele, can sing into the bargain and last but not least can add to that a proper portion of British humour.

The veteran BBC conductor and composer Peter Moss was Musical Director and pianist for the world famous ‘Rocky Horror Show’ and served as Musical Director and arranger for the Sony Prize-winning programme ‘The News Huddlines’, which was broadcast from London every week for 27 years by the BBC. Coming from that background his take on British show business is strongly influenced by the short character-based sketches of the famous Monty Python.

The unusual orchestra has at its fingertips the whole musical range of bass, baritone, tenor, concert and soprano ukulele. The arrangements, specifically written or re-arranged for this instrument, dissolve the borders between musical genres without any apparent effort and invite the audience to join in unconstrainedly.

And after such a concert the unmistakable certainty remains: the ukulele is a cult and the British are just innately the best of comedians.

The new programme is called “MINI MEANS MAXI!”


Press Reviews:

„Scintillating musicality and imaginative arrangements”

“Orchestra with an arrow through the head”

„The United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra offered top entertainment in Kassel”

„Big Sounds from Small Instruments”

„Nothing is sacred to the Brits”

„Under the title: The ukulele rocks”

Selected Venues:

Alte Oper-Frankfurt / Staatstheater Darmstadt / Philharmonie im Gasteig-München / Konzerthaus Wien / Liederhalle Stuttgart / Konzerthaus Karlsruhe / Spirgartentheater Zürich / Stadttheater Chemnitz / Kurhaus Wiesbaden / St. Pauli Theater Hamburg / TIPI am Kanzleramt-Berlin / Parktheater Iserlohn / Theater am Aegi-Hannover/ Jazzfestival-Kaiserslautern im Kammgarn / Leipzig Theaterfabrik / Conservatoire Luxemburg / Innsbruck Congresszentrum / Meran Kurhaus / Kabarett-Festival Hamburg St. Pauli Theater / Harmonie Heilbronn / König-Albert-Theater-Bad Elster / Kurhaus Bad Bevensen / Linz-Brucknerhaus / Theater am Ring-Saarlouis / Ringlockschuppen Bielefeld / BigBox-Kempten /  Steintorvariete-Halle / Stadtcasino-Basel  ….  Etc…..

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