Look out! – The Brits are coming! – Perfect fun! – Perfect music! – Best British comedy!

They have now been touring Europe for many years, inspiring an ever newly-astonished public. For it is unbelievable, the sound that can be drawn from such small instruments.

The mere sight suggests curious things: six men, seated, dark suits and bow ties, two women in black evening dress, instruments in their laps which look like newly-hatched baby guitars. “Ukulele Orchestra” is the name of this bizarre apparition and it elicits frenetic applause from its listeners everywhere. This British orchestra stops at nothing. They play ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ by the famous Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer as well as Chic Corea’s ‘Spain’ on their bass, baritone, tenor, concert and soprano ukuleles. After the jazz they go back to Mozart, nor do they flinch from playing Fleetwood Mac or Mike Oldfield. What happens onstage is the bringing together of virtually unreconcilable pieces from every musical direction: jazz, classical, pop, rock, film scores and their own compositions. What makes the concerts so diverse is not just the professionalism of their playing on the miniature guitar but also the fact that these musicians are excellent singers at the same time and, each after their own type, very different comedians who enjoy making fun of themselves in their spoken introductions.

After several successful European tours they are returning in spring 2015; the musicians of Peter Moss’s United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra with their plucked and vocal sound, who bring the concert halls into uproar. With a typically British comedy and the amazing sound of a small instrument: the famous ukulele from Hawaii.

“Not to be missed!” judged SWR television. “The uke rocks!” said the Stuttgarter Zeitung in headlines. The Mannheimer Morgen spoke of “brilliant performances of musical cabaret”, the Allgemeine Zeitung of a “magic moment of musical comedy” and for the Heilbronner Stimme it was quite simply “great fun”.

The musicians from London, Edinburgh, Nottingham and Glasgow knew how to enthuse their audiences wherever they went. They are returning with a completely new programme and many new comic ideas, to show that anything is allowed if one has a good command of the ukulele, can also sing and, last but not least, brings an appropriate portion of British humour to the proceedings.

The experienced BBC conductor and composer Peter Moss was musical director and pianist for the world-famous ‘Rocky Horror Show’ and he served as musical director ans arranger for the Sony Prize winning ‘News Huddlines’, which was broadcast from London weekly for 27 years by the BBC. From there his role-models in British showbusiness are strongly influenced by the short character-based sketches of the famous Monty Python. In 2009 he took over the leadership of the orchestra. His arrangements and transcriptions, written specifically for this instrument, simply dissolve the borders between musical genres without any apparent effort and invite the public to join in unconstrainedly.

And after such a concert the unmistakable truth remains. The ukulele is an absolute cult! And the Brits are pretty much born “Best Comedians!”

The new programme is called “I GOT UKE BABE!”

Press Reviews:

„Scintillating musicality and imaginative arrangements”

“Orchestra with an arrow through the head”

„The United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra offered top entertainment in Kassel”

„Big Sounds from Small Instruments”

„Nothing is sacred to the Brits”

„Under the title: The ukulele rocks”

Selected Venues:

Alte Oper-Frankfurt (Germany ) / Victoria Theatre Halifax ( UK ) /Staatstheater Darmstadt ( Germany ) / Philharmonie im Gasteig-München ( Germany )  /  Konzerthaus Wien ( Austria )  / Liederhalle Stuttgart ( Germany )  / Congress Theatre Eastbourne ( UK ) / Konzerthaus Karlsruhe ( Germany ) / Spirgartentheater Zürich ( Switzerland )  / Stadttheater Chemnitz ( Germany )  / Attwood Concert Hall Anchorage ( Alaska , USA ) / Kurhaus Wiesbaden  ( Germany ) / Konzerthaus Laiszhalle Hamburg ( Germany ) , TIPI am Kanzleramt-Berlin / Edinburgh Festival 2012 ( UK ) /Rio Theatre Santa Cruz ( USA )  / Theater am Aegi-Hannover ( Germany ) / Jazzfestival-Kaiserslautern im Kammgarn / Leipzig Theaterfabrik ( Germany ) / Conservatoire Luxemburg ( Luxemburg ) / Innsbruck Congresszentrum ( Austria ) / Meran Kurhaus ( Italien )  / Kabarett-Festival Hamburg St. Pauli Theater / Alaska World Music Festival (USA ) / Philharmonie Berlin ( Germany )  / König-Albert-Theater-Bad Elster ( Germany ) / Kurhaus Bad Bevensen ( Germany )  / Pavilion Theatre Rhyl ( UK ) / Linz-Brucknerhaus ( Austria )  / Mystic Theatre Pataluma ( USA ) / Ringlockschuppen Bielefeld  ( Germany ) / BigBox-Kempten ( Germany ) / Stadtcasino-Basel ( Switzerland ) / Curtis Theatre Brea ( California USA ) …. Etc…..

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